Social Media: Shift-funding

As a follow up to my last post Social Media – From “novice” to “novice who watched a webinar once” I began thinking about the importance of social media not to generate sales for an organization but rather to pique interest.

The Capture Your Flag video posted above covers in 2:30 minutes my strong thoughts of the power of social media.  Having spent 4 years in a very traditional non-profit organization I fully appreciate that educating your peers in the positive’s of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc… can be an uphill battle.  After all many of these individuals are used to a time when a poster pinned up in the local library or supermarket was the beginning and the end of the organizations marketing strategy.

Similarly, the excuse that “we are just a small organization” doesn’t wash anymore.  Yes in the 90’s and early 2000’s it may have been acceptable to rely on a word-of-mouth, local community spirit driven publicity strategy.  But now practically everyone aged 40 and under (and an increasing number of those aged 40 and up) have a grip-like obsession with at least one social media provider.

If any organization is to survive in the current technological climate it must invest significantly in Marketing and Publicity via social media.  It must ring-fence this investment.  Many organizations will recoil in horror, “But how will we fund it?” I hear them cry.  Well perhaps now is a good time to audit your Marketing strategy.  For starters:

  • What’s your current demographic?
  • What’s your target demographic?
  • How cost-effective are your current marketing strategies?
  • How familiar are you with the analytics provided by social media sites?
  • and, do you know how to exploit such analytics for maximum impact?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions then now might be a good time to stop spending money on leaflets, posters, billboards etc.. and redirect the money elsewhere…


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