Myers Briggs – Reflection

e1fac2b294cd2234f6db190a5bd6b262As with any personality-based assessment tool, Myers Briggs personality types are best interpreted by looking at how a particular score would interact with individuals with similar and opposing types.  In this reflective article I will consider some key traits of my Myers Briggs personality type before considering how I
will use my understanding of my assessment type in leadership situations.
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Factors That Threaten Community Theatre Sustainability in the United Kingdom.

Historical Context

It’s difficult to imagine an industry so enduring as theatre throughout the United Kingdom’s history. Prolific contemporary playwrights and spectacular technology-rich West End productions have superseded the early determinations of travelling performers and entertainers of royalty. For any industry to survive many hundreds of years it must adapt to the changing tastes, desires and demands of its patronage. Theatre in the UK has time and time again evolved to ensure its place in our communities, culture and hearts. However, there remains a sub-group of theatre in the UK that, continues to struggle more than others due to a complex set of circumstance and occasional media rhetoric (The Guardian, 2015).

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