Social Media: Shift-funding

As a follow up to my last post Social Media – From “novice” to “novice who watched a webinar once” I began thinking about the importance of social media not to generate sales for an organization but rather to pique interest.

The Capture Your Flag video posted above covers in 2:30 minutes my strong thoughts of the power of social media.  Having spent 4 years in a very traditional non-profit organization I fully appreciate that educating your peers in the positive’s of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc… can be an uphill battle.  After all many of these individuals are used to a time when a poster pinned up in the local library or supermarket was the beginning and the end of the organizations marketing strategy.

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Social Media – From “novice” to “novice who watched a webinar once”

hashtag-useThis afternoon I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the University of Kentucky‘s webinar “Look Who’s Talking: Encouraging Your Audience to Drive Digital Change”.  Hosted by Ben Sheridan (@B_Sheridan) and Rachel Shane (@rachelshane) it provided an introduction to the best ways to get the public working for you on social media.

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